Fusing Bond Tester (SJFB10)


Fusing Bond Tester (SJFB10)

Technical Data

Capacity: 10kg

Division: 5g

Power : 3 X AAA batteries


Function Introduction

Auto-off: It will auto power off after 60 seconds without any operation. ZERO and TARE function


  • Every time, you turn on the scale, you can weigh until the scale complete self-checking and display “0.000”.
  • Please hold the handle and keep the scale vertical naturally during weighing. Weighing in an inclined state will cause the weight inaccurate. (Please keep the scale vertical during weighing)
  • If the scale is not to be used for a long period of time, remove all batteries from the battery compartment to avoid leakage, which may cause damage to the scale.
  • The handle with magnetic of the scale may cause the magnetic cards degaussed. In order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, please keep all kinds of deposit cards and employee cards away from the handle.


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