Hot Steam Cleaner (0271)

Hot Steam Cleaner (0271)

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Hot Steam Cleaner (0271)

High-Pressure Car Home Office Carpet Cleaning Steam Cleaner Clean, Sterilization, Ironing Clothes, Air Humidification, Inhibition of Formaldehyde,  Clean The Car, Interior Sauna


Do not direct steam at people, animals, or electrical devices. Do not operate the machine without water in the tank.

Do not allow the machine to run unattended at any time. Close supervision is necessary when this machine is used near children. Do not

allow it to be used as a toy. The machine is designed for household use only, do not expose to rain. Do not overfill the water tank. The machine contains a maximum of 1500ml of water only. Excessive filling of the water tank may cause damage or injury. Never turn the machine over or tilt more than 45 when it is switched on or if it’s still producing steam. Never use this machine to clean electronic devices or installations Do not run steam cleaner for more than 1 hour at a time. Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. Do not immerse cord, plug, or machine in water or any other liquid. Do not operate with a damaged cord, if the power cord is damaged or any

1mproper performance or this machine occurs it should be repaired by a qualified electrician only. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, feet, and all parts of the body away from the jet o steam. Do not operate the machine on bare feet or when wearing open-toe shoes or sandals. Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close door on cord or pull cord

around sharp edges or corners. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces. Unplug cleaner when not in use. Turn all controls off before unplugging from

mains. Do not unplug by pulling on the cord. Always grasp the plug, not the cord. Never handle plug or appliance with wet hands. Store in a dry place. Do not expose the machine to freezing temperatures. Do not try to repair the appliance yourself. Contact a qualified technician.


Use only original accessories

Regularly check the appliance and the cable. Do not switch the appliance on it it is damaged Do not clean the natatorium If the natatorium has the water here s a lot of steam cmiis1on from the ill cap, please switch off and unplug the cleaner at once.


Machine accessories
  1. Water tank
  2. Wheels
  3. Snap-on extension wands
  4. Pressure cap
  5. Carry handle
  6. On/off switch
  7. Operating indicator
  8. Steam indicator light
  9. Accessories store
  10. Floor brush
  11. Floor angled detail tool
  12. Adaptor for accessories
  13. multi-purpose round brushes
  14. High-pressure nozzle
  15. Squeegee head
  16. Steam gun
  17. Steam trigger
  18. Red safety button


Technical data:

Mains supply:230V-50Hz
Tank capacity: 1.5 liters
Fixed steam hose


The steam gun has a black steam trigger (10) and a red safety button (11).
The red safety buttons are marked ON and OFF/LOCK (see diagram 1 below).

a) Intermittent steam spray

Press the red safety button to the “ON” position, and then squeeze the steam trigger. Steam comes out whenever the steam trigger is squeezed (see diagram 2)

b) Continuous steam spray

if you want a continuous spray of steam, squeeze the steam trigger, then press the red
safety button to the “Off/Lock” position (see diagrams 3 & 4).

C) Close the steam gun

When you have finished steam cleaning, press the red safety button to the ON” position (see diagram 5). The steam trigger will release. Then press the red safety button to the
“flock” position, to lock the steam trigger closed (as in diagram 1).



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