Hydraulic GSM Cutter (SJHP02)


Hydraulic GSM Cutter (SJHP02)

  • Material:- Aluminum.
  • Cutting Area:- 100 sq.cm.
  • Cutting Thickness:- 0.1mm-10mm.
  • Blade Diameter:- 112.84mm.
  • Pack Size:- (38.5 x 38 x 27)cm.
  • Weight:- 9.745Kg.
  • Machine Size:- (34 x 34 x 24)cm (1-2)cm tolerance.
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This hand press sample cutter cutting die was made of Japanese stainless steel. Cutting materials are including Textile, Leather, AL film, Carpet, Plastic, Polyfoam board, Paper, Carbon composite material, and so on. Fashionable appearance & Simple operation. Can cut several layers at one time. We offered different cutting die for one sample machine use, such as 100 sq. cm, 50 sq. cm, 38 sq. cm, 25 sq. cm, 20 sq. cm, 10 sq. cm, (other size and shapes can be customized).

  1. Using Japan imported fine knife, sharp and durable, cutting the materials can include textiles, carpets, leather, aluminum foil, plastic, Styrofoam, paper, advanced carbon fiber composite materials.
  2. High-grade aluminum fuselage, simple and convenient, fast, multilayer cutting fabric, improve work efficiency
  3. Multi-usage can choose cutting die 100/50/38/25/20/10 sq. cm (Other specifications and shapes can be customized)
  4. Structure application of hand pressure type cutting principle, don’t go, don’t cut, cutting accuracy is 100%, and the complete, high efficiency, save energy, reduce material waste, reduce workload, reduce production costs.
Technical Details
Name Details
Material Aluminum
Cutting Area 100 sq.cm
Cutting Thickness 0.1mm-10mm
Blade Diameter 112.84mm
Pack Size (38.5 x 38 x 27)cm
Weight 9.745Kg
Machine Size (34 x 34 x 24)cm (1-2)cm tolerance


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