Suja Global Steel Strapping Tool | A333 Manual Seamless Steel Strapping Machine


The Steel Strapping Tool Machine is used to tighten the steel strap around the product or pallet so that the load can be transported or stored quickly and safely. These Machines are used, for example, in sawmills, construction sites, building materials stores, logistics companies, and factories. The Steel Strapping Tool Machine A333 in Bangladesh. No Buckle Strapping, Large Tightening Force & Various applications for strapping steel metal belts quickly.


A333 Manual Seamless Steel Strapping Tool Machine



Specifications of Steel Strapping Tool Machine

  • Tensile Strengths Ranging: 700-850 N/mm² / 100,000-123,000 psi.
  • Tool Length: 387 mm / 15.2″
  • Tool Width: 162 mm / 6.4″
  • Tool Height: 308 mm / 12.1″
  • Tool Weight: 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs
  • Strapping Width: 13-16 mm (1/2″-3/5″)
  • Strapping Thickness: 0.38-0.58 mm (0.015″-0.023″)
  • Average Seal Strength: Approx.80%




  • EASY TIGHTENING & PACKAGING;  The A333 Steel Strapping Tool Machine features a non-buckle design, no need to use other steel buckles. Tensile strengths range from 700-850 N/mm²/100,000-123,000 psi. The special structural design of the machine can easily finish the tightening and packaging.
  • CONVENIENT OPERATION;  No fasteners, double power structure, can easily complete the fastening between the steel packing belts, and comes with high connection reliability. Strapping Width: 13-16mm (1/2″-3/5″). Strapping: 0.38-0.58mm (0.015″-0.023″)
  • HIGH STRENGTH STRUCTURE;  The A333 Steel Strapping Tool Machine is very durable, and all the engine body and components use high-strength alloy material. It has the advantages of high-reliability design and advanced technology manufacturing.
  • COMPACT SIZE;  This Steel Strapping Tool has a compact and lightweight structure, easy to transport, and also makes the machine easy to use with no fatigue.  
  • WIDE APPLICATION;  The A333 manual machine tool is used to wrap and strap flat packages like pallets, bales, crates, cases, steel, aluminum bars, and other heavy packages.






No Buckle Strapping

It is a no-buckle strapping tool with high efficiency. No fasteners are required. It comes with a firm and beautiful connection. Strapping Width: 13-16mm (1/2″-3/5″).



Large Tightening Force 

This A333 metal banding tool is designed with a double power structure and anti-skid roller, offering large tightening force, from 700 to 850 N/mm²(100,000-123,000psi).



Easy to Operate 

Three handle levers, one for tightening, one for pressing and cutting, and one for releasing the steel straps. Average Seal Strength: Approx. 80%



Solid Construction 

The strapping machine is constructed of high-strength alloy material, very durable and robust for long-term use. The cutter is sharp and anti-wear.



Light-weight & Compact 

The metal bending tool for strapping is light and handy. The compact structure is convenient for moving with occupying a small space. The precise structure causes high efficiency.



Various Application

The strapping tool easily finishes the wrapping and strapping and is used for flat strap packages (i.e., pallets, bales, crates, cases, stone, wood, steel, aluminum bars, and other packages).



The A333 manual steel strapping tool is used for flat packages. General specifications and high tensile strength of the steel strip can be used. It does no buckle strapping. The average tensile strength of the deduction is about 80% of the tensile strength of the steel strip, which is very reliable and can save about 10% of the total package cost.

  • Easy Tightening & Packaging
  • Convenient Operation
  • High Strength Structure
  • Compact Size


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